First, we identify your needs. Do you have an existing site that you'd like to improve? Are you starting a new site from the ground up? What is the purpose for your site, and who is your audience? We use this step to clearly define your goals.

Next, we conceptualize an architecture for your site that meets your communications objectives. At this point, we will work closely with you to identify all of the components that will go into your site. Taking into account all aspects of your web site, our information architects will ensure that your site is easy to use, intuitive, presents your information efficiently, and provides a navigation scheme that guarantees no one will ever "get lost" on your site.

Then, we execute the plan. At this point, we will get to work designing the interface, supporting graphics, multimedia elements and performing all of the necessary programming.

Once we have met and exceeded your expectations with both the programming and design, we will perform extensive quality assurance to be sure that your site will work under all required circumstances. We will help you set up a host for your site and make sure the transition to your new online presence is smooth and convenient.

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